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ISO-Tank Services-North America and Global

Our asset based division is licensed bonded and insured to transport a variety of products including- Food Grade Certified Bulk liquid, Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Petroleum, Chemicals and Liquified Gas through North America and around the world. Our growing market of Tanks Heating, Cleaning and Storage depots around the world continue to grow each month. Our Domestic and Global Tanks service include real time tracking and milestone update through FalcTrak 2.0 ™

Iso Tank Sizes and Uses

Standard ISO Tanks

Ability to handle a capacity up to 26,000 liters for hazardous, non-hazardous and food grade cargos. The tanks are insulated and have steam heating capability., these are FSC, LLC standard tank sizes and readily available through North America, Europe and

Swap Tanks

Need to store heavy liquids for long periods or short sea voyages, our Swap Tanks can handle the job. Capacities up to 37,000 litres, our Swap Tanks are ideal for short sea voyages throughout Europe or long term storage.

IMO1 type ISO tanks

Rranging from 14,300-25,000 liter capacities (3,778 – 6,605 US Gallons) with or without steam heating and insulation. Dedicated food, pharmaceutical and chemical tanks are available.

IMO1/DOT51 type ISO tanks

Ranging from 14,200-17,500 liter capacities (3,751–4,723 US gallons) for PIH type products

Specialty IMO1 type tanks including tanks equipped with internal mixers

For products requiring movement while in storage, glycol heating systems for in-transit heating, internally lined ISO tanks for corrosive products, dual compartment tanks and baffled tanks for heavy products.

IMO5 type ISO tanks

For low or high-pressure gasses for the flouro-chemical and specialty gas markets

Special build IMO1/IMO5 tanks to meet specific shipper requirements

For low or high-pressure gasses for the flouro-chemical and specialty gas markets

Fixed tandem, spread axle, spread axle combo chassis, and tri-axle drop frame chassis

For the safest movement of loaded ISO tanks

Coming Soon

Cryogenic and Gas Tanks for Global transport of compressed and liquidfied gases to very low temperatures